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Rehberg Net is a project that seeks to tell the stories of the social challenges people face and the interventions that try to meet those challenges, using film, photos and written works.
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sites of resistance visited that helped shape book


SYNOPSIS; Philosophy and theology have increasingly turned to the problem of the rising numbers of people who live in severe conditions of oppression, people who are surplus to global economic and political orders which the oppressed define as "neoliberal" and "neocolonial."
 This work, Political Grace: The Gift of Resistance, is part of that turning, through conversations with those who were and still are living under oppressive conditions, especially in Central America and Mexico, and through conversations with phenomenology, feminist theology, feminist jurisprudence, ethics, and liberation theology ... background that helped shaped this book is from first-hand experience.

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Salvadoran woman places ballot into box next to booth ((c) Wes Rehberg)  
Recent and noteworthy...

* 2009: TVA Coal Ash Spill: Video of damage
* 2008: 'The Exposed': poisoned nuclear workers
2008: "Heartland Speaks": Rally & Arrests
* 2007: 'Contaminated Forever' - documentary
* 2007: Vieques activists on contamination
* 2007: Tennessee anti-DU rally video
* 2007: Orepa's Hiroshima Day vigil video
* 2006: Chattanooga homeless documentary
* March 2004: El Salvador election report ...
* Partners return to Honduras ferries they built, donated
* Wild Clearing's documentary videos, photos web site
* Video clip of Holland Peacemakers Iraq war vigil

* Catalog of actions to 2007

Links and past work ...
Votante, fiscal y supervisor El Salvador 2004 election journey:
Monitoring vote, economic situation

* Election report from two observers
* Photo album from journey with CIS
* CDC: Indicadores de la situaci´┐Żn social
* Centro de Intercambio y Solidaridad (CIS) 

At work in Christian base communities Nonviolence advocacy,
Nonviolent witness

* Nonviolence advocacy and workshops
* Nonviolent principles, guidelines brochure (pdf file)
* Convergence of nonviolence and liberation theology
* Training for Change: Advanced activism approaches
* Michigan Peace Team: Training, activism opportunities

Blessed are the peacemakers A Eucharist of Peace & Resistance

* Eucharist as a site of resistance
* Nonviolent Ways activism directory
* Archbishop Desmond Tutu in Grand Rapids, MI - MP3
* Twelve peace prayers & two meditations offered
Palestinian conversation Israel-Palestine 2001:
Palestinian snapshots

* September 2001 Palestinian images
* Hebron reflections
* Jerusalem-Bethlehem-Nazareth
* Sabeel Ecumenical Center
* Hope Secondary School - Beit Jala (pdf)

Working in Christian base community Human rights and solidarity activism

* Celebration of Mexican base communities' 25 years
* Photos from DERHGO's 25th anniversary celebration
* Intergenerational work in base communities
* A Catalog of Actions to early 2007
* Honduras journey to those at risk of death
* A ferry creates bridge to survival in Honduras
* Mexico Solidarity Network's 1st Chiapas delegation

   Other Links ...

 Rehberg Net is a project that seeks to tell the stories of the social challenges people face and the interventions that try to meet those challenges, using film, photos and written works.
It is a project of Wild Clearing.. About its coordinators ...

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